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Marine Debris

NANOOS provides critical information to federal, state and local partners to support Washington and Oregon in dealing with and controlling marine debris. NANOOS is engaged with regional marine debris tracking efforts by supporting ocean surface current mapping and surface current modeling efforts, participating in regional coordination projects, and discussions to identify objectives and tasks that take advantage of NANOOS's specific strengths.

NANOOS has become an important regional partner through its distinct role coordinating marine monitoring, providing data access through innovative products and services, and maintaining outreach with stakeholders and resource managers.

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Pacific Northwest

State of Oregon

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NANOOS Visualization System (NVS)

The NANOOS Visualization System (NVS) provides easy access to forecast and observation data across a wide range of assets such as buoys, shore and land stations, high-frequency radar, and satellites.

Ocean Currents

Daily average ocean surface currents off the Oregon coast. These surface currents are measured with a radio transmitter and receiver using an instrument, the SeaSonde, made by CODAR Ocean Sensors.

Nowcast/Forecast Coastal Currents

NANOOS Beach and Shoreline Mapping

Beach profiles provide important information concerning the temporal (time) and spatial (cross-shore) variability of the shape of a section of beach.

Regional Coastal Observing Systems



Central and Northern California

Great Lakes

Gulf of Mexico

Pacific Islands


Northeast Atlantic

Pacific Northwest

Southern California

Southeast Atlantic