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The Data Explorer App is a mobile version of the NVS Data Explorer Web App that provides easy access to data while you are on-the-go in the field or on the water.

The Data Explorer App displays data from a diversity of providers, including federal, tribal, state, academic, industry and non-profit organizations, who operate a wide variety of observing assets such as buoys, shore stations, sea-bed and coastal land-based stations. This composite view provides a more comprehensive view of ocean conditions.

The Data Explorer App allows you to browse through a map of all NANOOS observing assets. You can then look at the most current data available, or obtain a plot of the last 7 days. Plots can be saved to your phone or iPod. Plots can shared by either email or SMS.


  • View the most recent data from all NANOOS observing assets
  • View 24 hour, 7 day and 30 day plots of data for trends in conditions
  • Share plots via email or SMS
  • Data display in either scientific or common units

Regional Coastal Observing Systems



Central and Northern California

Great Lakes

Gulf of Mexico

Pacific Islands


Atlantic - Northeast

Pacific Northwest

Southern California

Atlantic - Southeast